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Unity Developer
Salary from $2400

Required work experience: 1-3 years
Full time, full day

We recently started developing a new application, a graphic novel game. Now there is an active phase in the implementation of our plans. We are developing on Unity for iOS and Android platforms. To do everything on time and efficiently, we want to strengthen the Unity Developer team.Tasks:
  • Development and support of architectural and functional elements of the game using Unity technology for mobile platforms.
  • Implementation of game logic and mechanics of a mobile game.
  • Assessment of the complexity of the implementation of the functional and interface elements of the game.
  • Optimizing game performance.
We expect from successful candidates:
  • More than 3 years of experience in developing games with Unity3D.
  • Work experience at GameDev at least 2 years.
  • Experience with animation, 2D / 3D content.
  • Experience in profiling and optimizing the application, knowledge of UGui.
  • Experience in adapting and testing games for different platforms (Android, iOS).
  • Experience in ensuring the correct display of graphics, interfaces on different screens.
  • Good understanding of the work of the graphics pipeline, understanding of the peculiarities of the work of mobile GPUs.
  • Experience with async / await, Coroutine.
We offer:
  • Unlimited growth opportunities in the company.
  • Educational seminars and trainings, lectures and attendance at specialized conferences.
  • Flexible package of bonuses for self-care.
  • Eight-hour flexible start day.
We really care about each employee and do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible while solving your professional tasks.

Piecework pay: up to $ 135 for 1 character / 10 backgrounds.
20 characters and 10-15 backgrounds per month.

Project work / one-time assignment

This year we are launching the development of a new independent product, a visual novel.
Visual Novel is an interactive reading game. The entire plot component is perceived by the player through the text, and is supported by a variety of art, static or slightly animated. The player controls the central character of the game and influences the development of the story, choosing what actions to perform, what emotions to experience, what relationships to build with other characters.

  • Drawing characters and emotions for each of them.
  • Customization of clothes for the character.
  • Rendering the backgrounds in which all the action takes place.
  • We expect from successful candidates:
  • Portfolio of works. Experience in rendering characters in a realistic style in similar products is very important for us.
  • Skills of drawing characters by hand and drawing from a ready-made 3d model.
  • Minimal knowledge of 3d and working with it.
  • Experience in composing compositions and creating covers.
  • Knowledge of color theory and composition, anatomy and human proportions.
  • Experience in Photoshop, Affinity and other similar editors.
We offer:
  • Project work.
  • Distant work.
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